Throughout many years ago people still wonder if this ancient believe is indeed applicable or not in the 20 Th century modern life with its multi complex societies.

What is Karma and how is it influence our life and living? Well first we can discuss the meaning of Karma itself.

Karma is the Karmic Law of Cause( Action) and Effect( Reaction ).the meaning of Karma is the Effect that happened to someone because of previous Cause committed by the same particular person. It is the fruit of actions.

Nowadays, many people associate Karma as something bad happened to someone as the consequences of his/her previous Sin (wrong doing) or let us say the payment time for someone's Sin. Karma also has suffered a chronic association with the word fate.

We live in an Action/Reaction world where action will have consequences or rewards.

We are free to decide the when and the where to do an action but we are not free to decide what reality is.

Like gravity, Karma was always there in its fullest potency, even when people did not comprehend or did not want to accept its existence or its affect.

Karmic Law clearly commands the individual to be responsibly concerned about personal conduct. Good and bad refer to valuation of action, good being equated with reward and retribution, while demerit from wrongful action as Karma. It is the effect or ripening of acts that we have to pay more attention in our routine life. Therefore we must try to calculate the reaction or response from an action or thought or feeling before we really decide to execute a thought or to perform a task.

Not giving out any response to an incoming action is considered as a reaction and thus is an action that will caused that previous un-answered action to give reaction. This is a continuous cyclical Karmic Law.

Once we are convinced that in an action there is hidden potential probability that this action might yield to a new action or just serve as a reaction to some accumulation of previous actions. It is one same token.

For example in the winter season, we put on the winter coat when we go to work. This wearing on the winter coat is an action that we did to respond to cold winter season weather but this putting on the coat also serves as new action. That is in the near future, when we have to laundry clean the winter coat, maybe after several wearing in a month or so. And washing the coat is another reaction, so it is continuous never ending chain of Actions-Reactions. Here we can also observe that several actions, that is, many times' usage of the coat yield into one reaction to wash clean the winter coat.

In our life we have done and continuously doing something in every moments, but we never really aware that we have executed countless acts especially when our mind is not focussed on what we are involved in. So when the times come for us to receive the effects of our previously committed acts, that is redemption time, then usually we are not prepare to accept the consequences in such case it is disguise as Reaction. We start to blame anyone causing this redemption or someone else happened to be there or just anything to blame for. If the reaction was virtually perceive as something bad such as incurring humiliating act, we might become intolerable and might spell profanities. In fact we should acquiesce the redemption as the effects of our previous actions or the acorn of our frivolous misbehave.

The Universe in its entirety is furnished with Laws such as the Action-Reaction Law. It has been there since the beginning because it is the inherent property of the Universe. So it is not the Law that is wrong but it is the offender.

For example there is a crossroad junction equipped with traffic lights to control passing by vehicles. Human society has approved a traffic law to govern its inhabitants. The law says that a driver driving through a red traffic lights is consider committing a violation and thus a penalty shall be incurred regardless of the violator arguments such as unaware of the existence of such traffic law at his discretion. The violator can receive remission as long as he pay fine charges or his driving license is revoked.

There is also availability of remission from Karmic Law but we have to strive for it, that is through the act of charity, alms.

The Universe is said to be merciful and fairest, although we might have done many mistakes in this life but we are always given equal chance to recuperate from the Sin that later on causing this unhappy moments in ones live.

Someone may ask why the Universe did not punish a cruel person, as we know that this person is well known for his notorious works towards others? Well, the Law of Karmic serve as just the tool for that purpose that is to make sure that whoever or whatever commit unbalance to the nature shall receive the consequences but also in favor to those constantly doing positive things shall receive the rewards. It has never been meant to punish anyone or anything. It is the violator of the Law, which feels that way.

For those who never trespassing red traffic lights shall appreciate the existence of the Traffic Law, because the driver can be sure that he is safe commuting in the city. Then this driver will never feel threatened by the punishment since he has never thought of violating the traffic Law. But once he did break the law, he is sure that he has to pay for the mistake he made.

We may choose to do anything we wish in future, but be aware that whatever we shall do is limited to certain extent that we are also constantly living in a world where some of our previous acts is ripening today or shall be ripe in any moments in any day in the future.

Our future is limited by our own previous deeds thus the probabilities of choices available in any moment, to be made is less. That is one of the reasons why one person future's live is different from the other.

The choices that he selected and then executed had given him particularly certain related results.

Is the Karma only applicable while the human alive only? The answer is no, it is not terminated when the human had stopped functioning. This Karmic law is eternal meaning that nothing can escape from its affect.

Furthermore someone might get better idea after knowing what constitute a human beside the physical corporeal shape. The Psyche or the Soul of the human will be responsible all the time. When a person dies, his Psyche detached from its physical components, that is the body. And later this Psyche is called the Soul of a human. This soul shall experience the Karmic consequences in his new environment; the ether layer or higher dimension living milieu until next round of living cycle as human to happen in future.

The computation of karmic consequences or rewards continues until the end of the normal lifetime of the soul. A human soul might have life cycle duration as long as one thousand years of humanly standard year.

Why is someone born with handicap of one single leg instead of having two normal legs as others? Why is it that although that person is cruel and sinful but lead a nice living throughout his old age? Then where is the karmic law positioning itself in here? Is not it said that universe guarantee to be fairest?

First, the Karma seizures human's sense of suffering as demerit point for the wrong doing while Karma bestows the sense of pleasure as contribution of positive deeds to someone.

The handicap person mentioned above is suffering a certain amount of humiliation in this life as the sin that he had contributed previously. A reaction occurs only come afterward an action. Then this person is experiencing some of the consequences of his own misbehave in his earlier existence.

The bad reputation person above for sure will receive affect of his own aggravated behavior, either in his old dying days or the next cycle of live.

This demerit in suffering can take form in prolong sickness, painful matters, losing valuable items, or being hated by others wherever he is present and etc.