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Grace leads to Enlightenment.

Most religions emphasize on Love as well as Compassion as the main thing so that Life could improve. Spirituality is about faith and trust in a Divine Order, not limited to any particular customs or doctrines.

While values are the same in all religions, customs and symbols differ; but nowadays we have forgotten the values and simply hold on to the customs and symbols.

People starts looking for something outwardly to fulfill their own fulfillment. Often such search for solutions to problems cause more problem hatched and thus painful experiences in life arisen. In the end this person might lost confidence and found no more serenity in whatsoever he/she did. Thus peace is not present.

When gratitude remains with us, grace arises, grace flows from gratefulness. A grateful person purifies his entire environment, someone nearby in anguish suddenly finds relief and uplifted. Gratefulness is the glow of one's life, Life is worth living if even for a moment we have lived gratefully.

Be grateful for whatever has been offered to us every moments and we can see abundance, never a lack. But if we go on seeing the lack, then that continues; the attention on lack brings more lacks in life. The more we feel lack, the more we posses this lack and it shall govern us in those moments. What is holding us to keep this lack? Gratefulness is not present and respect of others is minimal or never appreciate whatever been done either by ourselves or by others.

Wake up, open our eyes, we belong to this Universe, we are here on this dear Planet Earth for some purposes, we are part of Mother Earth, Earth is part of a Solar System, a Solar System is part of Galaxies and Galaxies are part of the Universe. Thus we are part of Everything!

You see, we are part of everything, we are part of The Divine in Every Particles of Creation ; Therefore there is no lack of anything whatsoever inside us.

When we lack of nothing, then we do not depend on anything; One becomes free of the dependency on other things, places or persons for personal fulfillment. When grace is present after gratitude, thus a lot of strains are removed. We begin to understand our true nature; Love is our very true nature since creation.

Every cell of our being reverberates with this essence of love. It may appear to have gone, but it cannot. It only gets somehow covered, for every heart at its depth is full of Love.

Experience this Divine in the depth of our heart, when this awareness dawns in us, we know that we belong to everything and part of it. In this belonging, there is contentment and abundant of love.

Isn't this beautiful? Yes, whenever someone has experienced this depth of awareness, this person is so beautiful; thus everything else in the world also looks beautiful. This person grace radiates and influences the milieu. When waves of beauty like this state happens unceasingly to us, that is called Enlightenment.

This is not a concept but it is merely one alternative way to live in the Now by appreciating our every moments of life, for life is indeed short. The seeds of wisdom germinate and sprout when someone is in deep grace.

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